Otto the Octopus

‘Otto The Octopus’ was developed to help parents in the delicate stage of weaning their children.

Designed in a unique octopus shape, it will appeal to babies and toddlers, can mash, cook and feed your child all in one easy-to-use product. Perfect for when time is short and when your child struggles with feeding from a spoon.

Designed for ages 4 months and up.

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Designed in UK

Patented and Designed in UK

The set includes everything you need for weaning your baby, from 4 months and up. Otto comes with a main chamber, a plunger set, three soft nurture spouts for the first three weaning stages, a masher, a mashing cup with a lid (which can be conveniently used as storage for food), 1 leak proof cover for the spouts, a no mess spoon, teething nubs on the nipples for when your baby gets teeth coming in.

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The set includes everything you need for weaning your child. It comes with:

  • 70ml main chamber, for babies 4+month
  • One plunger set
  • An interchangeable masher and one internal plunger
  • One lid to convert the main chamber in a cup
  • One leak proof cover for the bottle, a no mess spoon
  • Three spouts for the different stages of weaning:
  • One spout with single hole for fluids
  • One fresh food feeder spout for first stage of weaning with lots of holes
  • One spout with larger hole for second stage of weaning
  • One mashing cup with lid
  • Teething nubs on all nipples to massage baby’s gum as a teething soother for when your baby gets teeth


Not only is Otto great fun but he’s jam packed with amazing features to let you enjoy mealtimes without the drama.

  • Encourage children to feed themselves

  • Spout to soothe and stimulate gums

  • Anti-Colic air system

  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer proof

  • Straw trainer system

  • Various colours available

Otto Wins an Award

Otto the Octopus was honoured with the A’ Design Award for its award-winning product design. Otto was judged by leading professionals who look for projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity. The judges said: “We believe that your design demonstrates understanding and creativity that combines science and design to make this unique product.”

What Do The Professionals Think?

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what a professional Dentist thought about Otto the Octopus.

“As a dentist, I feel this is a very well designed and practical product that can be used during different stages of a baby’s growth.

After breast feeding it is usually difficult for a baby to start drinking from a bottle so the one-hole spout is a great way of transition from breast to bottle. I specially like the “all-in-one” concept of Otto The Octopus as there is no other product like that in the market.

I would strongly recommend this product and would not hesitate to buy it for my kids.”

Hamid Ghods, Dentist, London

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