Otto The Octopus Cranberry Ice Smoothie:

This smoothie is perfect especially during baby’s teething days!

The ice will cool down and sooth the inflammation of baby’s gums. While the baby is chewing the spout, this will help the baby’s teeth to come out naturally


1 tbsp fresh cranberries.
20ml milk – any type of milk here is suitable, if there is a cows’ milk allergy you can use almond or soy or coconut milk.
1tbsp liquid glucose or maple syrup – Liquid glucose or maple syrup helps the formation of soft crystal to allow the ice smoothie to be soft enough for the baby’s gums.


Place all ingredients into the main chamber of the baby feeder and mash it with the mini masher. Screw on the top of the baby feeder the mashing cup to close it. Place the baby feeder into the freezer and allow to cool.

To serve it with fresh food feeder spout: before freezing place the fresh food feeder spout and push the mixture up, to fill the spout. Place into the freezer and allow to cool. Once frozen it is ready to be served.

To serve it as an ice-lolly: you do not need to place any spout just screw on the top of the baby feeder the mashing cup to seal it. Once it is frozen, unscrew the mashing cup and you can pop up the ice lolly and it is ready to be served!

‘Otto The Octopus’ Baby Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled eggs aren’t difficult once you know how.

This super-easy version can be made into the baby feeder main chamber or in a coffee mug simply into your microwave!

Cooking time 3 minutes!


1 egg
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp butter


Combine the egg, milk and butter into ‘Otto The octopus’ main chamber mixing with masher until yolks and white are well combined. Close loosely the top with the mashing cup. Microwave on MEDIUM-HIGH for 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute 45 seconds – stir every 20 to 30 seconds during cooking. Leave covered and let stand for 30 seconds to 1 minute before serving. Eggs will look slightly moist, but will finish cooking upon standing.

Place the fresh food feeder spout or the spout with larger hole and serve or alternatively serve into the cleaned mashing cup with the spoon.

Tip: make scrambled egg just before serving. Remember to start giving your child eggs when the health visitor said it is time to start…




How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes!

How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes!

This is a very simple, delicious recipe, suitable from the very first step of weaning, that every mum should keep as a secret! Gluten, dairy and nut free, this recipe is suitable from the very first step of weaning, a pleasure for all allergies sufferers!

Just simply peel and core 1 apple or 1 pear and place it in Otto’s main chamber

Cook in the microwave,  for 3 and ½ to 4 minutes, on high or until tender and let it cool!

Place the fresh food feeder spout and serve

There is no need to mash this food, because the babies will chew it themselves  through the spout, safely without the risk of chocking. They will naturally learn to chew and swallow food and learn, in no time, chewing food directly with confidence!


1) Adding 40 ml of formula milk or breast milk before cooling will give more nutrients

2) Vary the flavor of the sauce, by adding ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or a pinch of cinnamon or few lemon drops at your choice, it will enhance the taste. Giving our little one, the chance to explore and appreciate the goodness of fresh, natural ingredients since very early stage of weaning.

3) You can prepare this recipe in bigger quantities, into the baby feeder, mash it with the masher and store it in the freezer, in ice cube trays and later serve it with third stage feeder spout.

4)You can share this recipe with the whole family to accompany pancakes as healthy side sauce!



I have a top degree in Pharmacy and I was working for a while during my degree in a Biochemistry Department. Meeting different people with different study background gave me the inspiration to make a fully functioning new product. During my degree in Pharmacy I have studied a lot about physiology and nutrition and combining this with my passion for food and healthy life style I wanted to transfer this knowledge to my kids to let them grow healthy, combining a good diet to keep them active during the day, to balance their love for sports, and their days at school.

I have started my business with very little self confidence, especially having to look after my three children it was a real challenge, being alone in this Country without any family members around I was struggling to find the right concentration to start. I have to thanks from my heart, all my family and best friends around me who are there at the right time. Dealing with the everyday life and balancing meetings at work and keep my family happy is was not an easy route. Working from home gave me freedom to set my own time frame and I could still  enjoy a cup of coffee with my best friends mums, from my little daughter nursery school, while I was taking the advantage to share baby feeding ideas with them and let them test the prototype extensively.

The whole process has been very inspiring and has allowed me to grow as a person. I never thought I would be a business woman or an entrepreneur, but since the beginning I knew I wanted to take it further.


Otto helped me so much weaning and feeding my little daughter on the go, she loved to eat from Otto all the food that a child struggle to eat and the mother think it is the best, from yogurts and smoothies, to soups and whole pieces of food like meat, fish and particularly healthy fruits like avocado, kiwis, mangoes, grapes and oranges that normally contain long fibers, seeds and skin that are difficult to chew for a 4-5 moths old baby. This type of food needs to be blended and this makes it difficult to offer it to a child as a whole food, especially on the go, due to the risk of chocking. This type of food is often delayed in the weaning stage, until the child starts to refuse it because discouraged from the difficulties of chewing it.


Why I invented Otto the Octopus

While I was watching a little child licking ice-cream from a cone and especially the smarties ice-cream cone with the funny syringe shape, I was impressed by the fact that the child could finish it quickly, without fuss. I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to let the child feed independently usual food and drinks, from a funny tool that looked like an ice cream holder!

I gave this idea a try using a very early prototype of Otto,  made from scratch using tools that I have literally taken from my kitchen drawer, especially my cooking buddy chef syringe decorator, I have discovered that my little daughter loved it. She was getting her drinks and food through it, without any fuss, from yogurt and fruit purée to whole pasta and even whole pieces of soft meat.

While I was also cooking with my older children and let them decorate cupcakes and cakes, I was inspired by seeing how happy they were using a simple cake decorator, such as a chef syringe to enjoy some cookery skills, so I have decided to design Otto to be able to use as a kitchen tool to help parents and their kids preparing very simple recipes. Mashing and mixing, cooking and decorating, our kids would find more motivation to enjoy their food afterwards.

These are the main reasons that led me to create my baby feeder and to tool it in a funny animal shape to appeal as possible little children.


My journey through ‘Otto the Octopus’

As a mother of three children, living in a foreign country, I went through the difficulties feeding and weaning my last little daughter. She was a pure breastfed child and she was not able to drink from any bottles. I was struggling to feed her, especially before the school run, in the morning or in the afternoon. I really needed an effective way to let her be full and satisfied with her milk and food before the long car journey to school. My little daughter was a fussy eater who very often refused her spoon and a beaker of milk. It was very difficult to keep her motivated to drink and eat, and it was hard to let her finish even her finger food, in a short time.

Welcome to the CrescoBaby Blog!

This blog expresses my living passion helping babies and parents through the delicate stage of weaning. It is a reflection of my love for feeding and bringing up my kids through the use of healthy food.

‘Otto The Octopus’ my newly developed baby feeder, was born through my CrescoBaby business. Otto is designed in a unique octopus shape, it appeals to babies and toddlers. It can mash, cook and feed your child all in one easy-to-use product. Perfect for when time is short and when your child struggles with feeding from a spoon. It is designed for ages 4 months and up.

I have started writing about Otto The Octopus one year ago on CrescoBaby Facebook page. Otto is so versatile, you can prepare, in minutes, super delicious recipes that your baby and toddler will love.

I am going to share some of my recipes in my next posts. I am currently working on setting a Kickstarter campaign to find support to purchase the pre-production sample and make Otto soon a reality into the market.

Please express your interest, by leaving a comment on this page and share this post and CrescoBaby page on Facebook. You will be able to find more details about Otto on