Why I invented Otto the Octopus

While I was watching a little child licking ice-cream from a cone and especially the smarties ice-cream cone with the funny syringe shape, I was impressed by the fact that the child could finish it quickly, without fuss. I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to let the child feed independently usual food and drinks, from a funny tool that looked like an ice cream holder!

I gave this idea a try using a very early prototype of Otto,  made from scratch using tools that I have literally taken from my kitchen drawer, especially my cooking buddy chef syringe decorator, I have discovered that my little daughter loved it. She was getting her drinks and food through it, without any fuss, from yogurt and fruit purée to whole pasta and even whole pieces of soft meat.

While I was also cooking with my older children and let them decorate cupcakes and cakes, I was inspired by seeing how happy they were using a simple cake decorator, such as a chef syringe to enjoy some cookery skills, so I have decided to design Otto to be able to use as a kitchen tool to help parents and their kids preparing very simple recipes. Mashing and mixing, cooking and decorating, our kids would find more motivation to enjoy their food afterwards.

These are the main reasons that led me to create my baby feeder and to tool it in a funny animal shape to appeal as possible little children.


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