I have a top degree in Pharmacy and I was working for a while during my degree in a Biochemistry Department. Meeting different people with different study background gave me the inspiration to make a fully functioning new product. During my degree in Pharmacy I have studied a lot about physiology and nutrition and combining this with my passion for food and healthy life style I wanted to transfer this knowledge to my kids to let them grow healthy, combining a good diet to keep them active during the day, to balance their love for sports, and their days at school.

I have started my business with very little self confidence, especially having to look after my three children it was a real challenge, being alone in this Country without any family members around I was struggling to find the right concentration to start. I have to thanks from my heart, all my family and best friends around me who are there at the right time. Dealing with the everyday life and balancing meetings at work and keep my family happy is was not an easy route. Working from home gave me freedom to set my own time frame and I could still  enjoy a cup of coffee with my best friends mums, from my little daughter nursery school, while I was taking the advantage to share baby feeding ideas with them and let them test the prototype extensively.

The whole process has been very inspiring and has allowed me to grow as a person. I never thought I would be a business woman or an entrepreneur, but since the beginning I knew I wanted to take it further.