How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes!

How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes!

This is a very simple, delicious recipe, suitable from the very first step of weaning, that every mum should keep as a secret! Gluten, dairy and nut free, this recipe is suitable from the very first step of weaning, a pleasure for all allergies sufferers!

Just simply peel and core 1 apple or 1 pear and place it in Otto’s main chamber

Cook in the microwave,  for 3 and ½ to 4 minutes, on high or until tender and let it cool!

Place the fresh food feeder spout and serve

There is no need to mash this food, because the babies will chew it themselves  through the spout, safely without the risk of chocking. They will naturally learn to chew and swallow food and learn, in no time, chewing food directly with confidence!


1) Adding 40 ml of formula milk or breast milk before cooling will give more nutrients

2) Vary the flavor of the sauce, by adding ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or a pinch of cinnamon or few lemon drops at your choice, it will enhance the taste. Giving our little one, the chance to explore and appreciate the goodness of fresh, natural ingredients since very early stage of weaning.

3) You can prepare this recipe in bigger quantities, into the baby feeder, mash it with the masher and store it in the freezer, in ice cube trays and later serve it with third stage feeder spout.

4)You can share this recipe with the whole family to accompany pancakes as healthy side sauce!


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