Otto The Octopus Cranberry Ice Smoothie:

This smoothie is perfect especially during baby’s teething days!

The ice will cool down and sooth the inflammation of baby’s gums. While the baby is chewing the spout, this will help the baby’s teeth to come out naturally


1 tbsp fresh cranberries.
20ml milk – any type of milk here is suitable, if there is a cows’ milk allergy you can use almond or soy or coconut milk.
1tbsp liquid glucose or maple syrup – Liquid glucose or maple syrup helps the formation of soft crystal to allow the ice smoothie to be soft enough for the baby’s gums.


Place all ingredients into the main chamber of the baby feeder and mash it with the mini masher. Screw on the top of the baby feeder the mashing cup to close it. Place the baby feeder into the freezer and allow to cool.

To serve it with fresh food feeder spout: before freezing place the fresh food feeder spout and push the mixture up, to fill the spout. Place into the freezer and allow to cool. Once frozen it is ready to be served.

To serve it as an ice-lolly: you do not need to place any spout just screw on the top of the baby feeder the mashing cup to seal it. Once it is frozen, unscrew the mashing cup and you can pop up the ice lolly and it is ready to be served!

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