Bluish & Zingy Pear Smoothie-Lolly

‘Otto The Octopus’ 
Bluish & Zingy Pear Smoothie-Lolly
With ‘Otto The Octopus’ it’s a pleasure introducing babies and toddlers alike
 to new textures and flavours!
Healthy fresh start in life, to promote babies and toddlers real love of healthy food
from the very beginning…
Suitable from 6 month
Preparation 3 min
This fruity lolly is a delicious combination of zingy fresh berries with smooth banana and pear and requires non cooking!
3 small strawberries
1/2 ripe small pear
1 piece of banana peeled
4 blueberries
4 raspberries
Place all the ingredients in the baby feeder main chamber place the fresh food feeder spout, push up the plunger until the fresh food feeder spout is full of food.
The lolly is ready to be served to your baby or toddler
Tips: add yogurt or milk or any milk alternatives.
Sprinkling oats flakes to the mix before serving
it will make this into a delicious creamy smoothie!