Instant Whipped Chocolate Cream

 This instant dessert will appeal babies and toddler alike, it literally takes only 5 minutes to make.

Without electric mixer, fresh, frothy, light and highly nutrition thanks to the yogurt. It is such an instant delight that will make your little one very happy!


3 tbsp low fat yogurt cold
2 tbsp Wipping cream cold
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
or 1/2 teaspoon Stevia sugar
1/2 tbsp Cocoa powder or Nesquik


Place all the ingredients in the baby feeder main chamber

close the baby feeder with the mashing cup and shake well for 5 minutes until yogurt, cream and all ingredients are well combined.

You should see a smooth whipped cream when opening carefully the mashing cup. The whipped cream that is in the main chamber is ready to be served

– you can keep part of the whipped cream that is on the mashing cup, stored in the mashing cup itself, with the lid in the fridge to be served it later –

cover the top of the main chamber with the spout with the big hole and serve it to the baby or toddler.

Alternatively you can serve the whipped cream directly from the mashing cup with the spoon.