Otto’s won an award!

Otto the Octopus has now officially been honoured with an award by the A’ Design Award and Competition at a gala event in Como, Italy!

Having my design praised is such a privilege and I feel very fortunate for Otto to be associated with such an esteemed organisation.

Otto started out as just a personal project as a result of the frustration I experienced when feeding my babies during their weaning phase. I designed multiple iterations to ensure that Otto was both safe and appealing to my babies until I finalised on the design. My little ones and my friend’s children ended up absolutely loving it. I knew I had made something special.

Fast-forwarding a little, I noticed the upcoming A’Design Awards competition and thought I would enter to see what others thought of the design of Otto. It turned out that others have a similar love for Otto as my children and I do.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the judges, voters and supporters of Otto through his journey, as well as all my friends and family who have stood by my side over the years.

Otto has since been nominated for the Prime Designer of the Year Award. Wish us both luck in the upcoming competition.

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