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Instant Whipped Chocolate Cream

 This instant dessert will appeal babies and toddler alike, it literally takes only 5 minutes to make. Without electric mixer, fresh, frothy, light and highly nutrition thanks to the yogurt. It is such an instant delight that will make your little one very happy! Ingredients 3 tbsp low fat yogurt cold 2 tbsp Wipping cream […]

Bluish & Zingy Pear Smoothie-Lolly

‘Otto The Octopus’  Bluish & Zingy Pear Smoothie-Lolly With ‘Otto The Octopus’ it’s a pleasure introducing babies and toddlers alike  to new textures and flavours! Healthy fresh start in life, to promote babies and toddlers real love of healthy food from the very beginning… Recipe Suitable from 6 month Preparation 3 min This fruity lolly […]

Otto The Octopus Cranberry Ice Smoothie:

This smoothie is perfect especially during baby’s teething days! The ice will cool down and sooth the inflammation of baby’s gums. While the baby is chewing the spout, this will help the baby’s teeth to come out naturally Ingredients: 1 tbsp fresh cranberries. 20ml milk – any type of milk here is suitable, if there […]

‘Otto The Octopus’ Baby Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled eggs aren’t difficult once you know how. This super-easy version can be made into the baby feeder main chamber or in a coffee mug simply into your microwave! Cooking time 3 minutes! Ingredients: 1 egg 1 tbsp milk 1 tsp butter Directions: Combine the egg, milk and butter into ‘Otto The octopus’ main chamber […]

How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes!

How to make apple or pear mousse in 2 minutes! This is a very simple, delicious recipe, suitable from the very first step of weaning, that every mum should keep as a secret! Gluten, dairy and nut free, this recipe is suitable from the very first step of weaning, a pleasure for all allergies sufferers! […]


I have a top degree in Pharmacy and I was working for a while during my degree in a Biochemistry Department. Meeting different people with different study background gave me the inspiration to make a fully functioning new product. During my degree in Pharmacy I have studied a lot about physiology and nutrition and combining […]


Otto helped me so much weaning and feeding my little daughter on the go, she loved to eat from Otto all the food that a child struggle to eat and the mother think it is the best, from yogurts and smoothies, to soups and whole pieces of food like meat, fish and particularly healthy fruits […]


Why I invented Otto the Octopus While I was watching a little child licking ice-cream from a cone and especially the smarties ice-cream cone with the funny syringe shape, I was impressed by the fact that the child could finish it quickly, without fuss. I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to let […]


My journey through ‘Otto the Octopus’ As a mother of three children, living in a foreign country, I went through the difficulties feeding and weaning my last little daughter. She was a pure breastfed child and she was not able to drink from any bottles. I was struggling to feed her, especially before the school […]

Welcome to the CrescoBaby Blog!

This blog expresses my living passion helping babies and parents through the delicate stage of weaning. It is a reflection of my love for feeding and bringing up my kids through the use of healthy food. ‘Otto The Octopus’ my newly developed baby feeder, was born through my CrescoBaby business. Otto is designed in a unique octopus shape, […]